FR 17.03. – 23:59 UHR


For the annual AfrikaBurn Festival a group of friends raised by the electronic motherhood of South Africa, California, Moldova, Italy, England, Kenya, Zambia, and Germany have joined forces to build and maintain a massive two-story party train station in the midst of the South African desert.

Once in a while this group comes together to throw a party to express their love for all those who find ways instead of making excuses. For everyone who prefers to spend time, sweat and tears, rather than to spend money. For everyone who believes in deals made with handshakes, rather than signatures. For everyone with a burning heart. For everyone who believed in a train station in the South African desert. Your energy is what keeps the fire burning. You are the ones who put trust into strangers without blinking. The ones who keep this spirit that lives deeply in our hearts alive and kicking.


Monolink (DJ-Set)
Stereo Express
Constantijn Lange (live)
Just Emma
Dave Echo (live)
San Miguel
El Mundo
Elias Dore B2B Warte:Mal
Fata & Morgana

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