2. September um 14:00 bis 3. September um 18:00
East Side Park, 10243 Berlin

The East Side Music Days are back and again we are hosting one of the stages! With some of Berlin’s best street musicians gracing our stage, it will be one not to miss. Just look out for the beach stage (number 4) and come and party with us and enjoy the sun at the beach!

Music will be from 2pm to 10pm on the Saturday and then again from 2pm to 7pm on the Sunday.

Berlin Street Music Line Up:
Day 1 – September 2nd
2.00 pm Geordie Little Music
3.00 pm Tea Boat
4.00 pm Laura Hoo
5.00 pm Adama Dicko Music
6.00 pm Lutz Rode
7.00 pm The Bongo Boys
8.00 pm Alright Gandhi
9.00 pm Nordakas

End – 10.00 pm

Day 2 – September 3rd
2.00 pm Stereochemistry
3.00 pm Lione
4.00 pm Babel Collage
5.00 pm Konrad Kuechenmeister
6.00 pm Jamila & The Other Heroes

End – 7.00 pm

Berlin Street Music is an advocacy group set up to protect the rights of Berlin street artists. We aim to bring together the musicians, the public, authority figures, policy makers, advocates, businesses, lobby groups, and anyone else involved in creating a thriving, culturally rich, and economically sustainable street art scene. We hope to develop a community by bringing people together through numerous events, concerts, social projects, and other initiatives. Street music in Berlin, as in many other cities world wide, is becoming increasingly more regulated and policed. We do not necessarily see the regulation of street performance as a threat, however, the policies currently in place here in Berlin are short sighted, poorly policed, and devised largely behind closed doors, often with little or no input from the people involved. Furthermore, the interpretation of the rules by those enforcing them, often shows no leniency dependent on the situation and manifests itself into a heavily handed approach to a problem that doesn’t exist. Berlin Street Music recognizes a need for street musicians and other performers to be fairly represented. A collective point of view with a united and organized front is paramount in achieving recognition legally, socially, and economically; and we hope that policy makers will see that street music is sustainably important to both the history and development of the city.

Wir sind für Straßenmusik in Berlin. We support street music in Berlin.