Prince Charles Club Berlin
Prinzenstrasse 85F, 10969 Berlin


HIPHOP RNB & FUTURE BEATS: Music that goes deeper so the wave can last longer. Our last event with Jäel was a special one. We were blessed with a surprise set by DJ Complexion from the Future Beats show on BBC ONE. Our next headliner has been in heavy rotation on Soulection Radio lately. He goes by Omar Duro. He represents Amsterdam and the Sosodality team. His sound is high energy and soulful. Tell a friend to tell a friend and bring your best energy and most positive vibes to Swim Good Volume 6. Good vibes provided by musicians and DJs who love what they do and love what they play. At Swim Good, we’ll go beyond the surface level. Pop means popular and every once in a while a good wave makes it to the top of the charts… but there’s so much more to the music universe than the charts. Trust us. Dive in. Treasure is always found on the ocean floor.

The journey continues

Line Up:
Omar Duro
Monsieur Dope
No mango