Start OPEN AIR 28.7. Vivus Showcase Berlin Open Air im Zuckerzauber Berlin

28.7. Vivus Showcase Berlin Open Air im Zuckerzauber Berlin


Zuckerzauber Berlin

12.00 Uhr

Line up:
Silat Beksi [Modeight Records /Ukraine]
Daniel Broesecke [Vivus Records /Germany]
Hashimizu [Deep Dive /Germany]
Tobi More [Vivus Records /Germany]
Senoo [Vivus Records /Switzerland]
Abraja [Vivus Records /Switzerland]


Berlin is the place to be if you want to experiment with new sounds, wonderful people and a general sense of openness to the new and exciting. This July, the Vivus Gang heads to the German capital for a memorable night at Zuckerzauber, a nice and cosy bar where the breezy night will provide the perfect backdrop for some mesmerizing minimal techno sounds. The Vivus gatherings have always been about the music and its power to connect people; to bring out the best in them and create bonds that last a lifetime. Silat Beksi, Daniel Broesecke, Hashimizu, Tobi More, Senoo, and Abraja will take you on an astonishing journey, full of twists and turns. Expect quirky bass lines, cheeky vocals, and some breakbeat extravaganza.


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