Date: 22.02.2019
Time: 11 p.m.
Tickets: 13€

Location: Club OST Alt-Stralau 1-2, 10245 Berlin


Mikey Woodbridge

Kundalini Pranayama Practice aka Life Force Breathing Techniques by Yola Karageorgieva
Techno Tai Chi by Ma Li
Λsynced οrbits by Shaban Ra + V
The World, She Comes by Mataya Waldenberg
en-thu by Gígja Jónsdóttir
Gut und Günstig by Ash Higginson + Callum Stone
Off-Black by Ali Heffetz
Movement Connects by THE ANKH from Desire Homme
Psychedelic Reiki Massage by Nina Kim – Reiki Master & Massage Therapist
Kepler Energy Officer by Lee Leaster
Your Space Travel Guide by Rebecca Jamila

There is no Chinatown in Berlin, but there is on Kepler 452b. After taking off from San Francisco, Shanghai, and Tel Aviv, the Kepler space shuttle is ready to lift-off again in Berlin, from Club OST all the way to Cathay!

On Feb 22, 2019 at 11 p.m. a space shuttle will take off from Club OST in Berlin to discover Chinatown on planet Kepler 452b.

Chinatowns have a social function as gateways to new immigrants from Asian countries, guardians of heritage and places of complex and developing communities. Chinatowns are disrupting systems, breaking with linear thinking while simultaneously opening up new spaces through which something or even someone transformed and new might appear. The existence of places like Chinatowns taps into the psyche of urban landscapes haunting the spaces between past and present, space and time. This cultural clash contributes to ethno-cultural diversity to create an open and tolerant climate in which empathy and creativity can flourish.

By illuminating this cultural uniqueness Kepler wants to foster the imagination of a futuristic Chinatown to inspire a transition from a reactive to a proactive approach to immigration and ethnocultural diversity on a socio-political level.

Kepler invites you to celebrate the Lunar New Year and personal transformation through cultural exchange!