Start RELEASES Affinity Lab 054 Eddy Romero – Broken Glass

Affinity Lab 054 Eddy Romero – Broken Glass


Artist: Eddy Romero
Title: Broken Glass
Label: Affinity Lab
Release Date: 4th March
Format: Digital

February release is here and by label boss Eddy Romero , he just released one single few years ago in Affinity Lab and from this year he decided to do a yearly release to show how he likes dark and deep sounds. For this one two cuts , first one with his way of work with vocals and adding that minimalistic touch as he does in all his stuff. For the second one a straight tool perfect to mix with any track or add it just as a tool , a nice groove going on with those mental sounds that make it progress with very little details that make it a track where you can perfectly recognise the Spanish artist. So here we are, going forward in the 2019!


1. Broken Glass (Original Mix)
2. Talking Synths (Original Mix)

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