Label: ROBOT84
Cat: ROB 03
Format: Vinyl 12inch (no digital release)
Genre: House/Nu-Disco
Release Date: 20th May 2024 (Estimated)

On the latest Robot 84 release, producer Scott Ferguson showcases all of the progressive and groove related qualities which have made his records so celebrated and enjoyed across the globe – from the Balearic Isles to the club, and beyond….

Ferguson’s journey in music reads like a glorious mind map of places, spaces and people, with the tale starting off Djing at some of the best nights in Scotland alongside co-owning Defunkt Records in Glasgow. His production career started in early 2000, and after a number of releases under various aliases he released the much celebrated ‘Welcome to the Pleasuredome’ edit in 2013, the first release under the ROBOT 84 name. The vibe of the ROBOT84 name is that of eclectic Balearic-ness, with Ferguson keen to never stick to one particular style, but as a means of constantly evolving and exploring through music production – akin to the sound he looks to evoke whilst Doing. The joy of Ferguson’s music is that constant convergence of sounds and moods, and this has provided listeners with consistent delight as they dive deeper into his soundscapes. This led to him releasing music with a number of top quality labels, including Secret Life, Nervous, Paper, Is It Balearic and Midnight Riot. In 2019, Ferguson founded the ROBOT84 imprint, with a succession of excellent records coming out the door that further enamoured listeners to his music – as varied, distinct and well crafted as ever.

‘Cosmic Accident’ encapsulates all that makes Fergusons discography so varied, with a significant shift into the realms of House and Disco filled to the brim with groove laden rhythms, inspired vocal samples and emotive melodic overtones. The ‘Full Vocal’ version features the echoing words of Martin Luther King Jr laid over a simmering sea of instrumentation, that works from the undertow up through to the highest peak. The opening salvo features a looping synth buzz that gets the track revved up, with the breakdown moments introducing some inspired piano notes, drifting down just for a moment before leaning heavily into the core groove. The halfway mark provides a longer dip into the key swing, as the melodic lines evolve into a delicate weaving of textures and feeling. The ‘Dubbed Out’ version points the focus at the core synth move, with the track taking its time to introduce the delicate instrumentation, which when it hits provides a proper hands in the air moment. A wonderful flip side version for a single release you will be hearing a lot of in the coming months.

So why not take a little trip into the cosmos, with this most groove laden of dance music experiences, and get lots within the synths and tones – its quite the atmosphere to get deep within…..