Label: Manzo Edits
Cat: MNZ004
Format: 12” Black Vinyl – Vinyl Only
Genre: Disco / Italo / Edits
Release Date: 23 May 2024

Manzo’s new drop is a volume packed with four shamelessly pleasurable edits, a ray of sun shining brightly over the green pastures ready to bring summer vibes to every farm and ranch! Ici C’est Toujours Les Vacances opens with a wheel of french-roquefort-house that is all smiles and grooves. Then, Belgian Mambo slows down the beat, swaying into a mystic acid trip. We shake horns and cowbells like there’s no tomorrow on the alluring beat of Sea Urchin before the final epic ride of Ferramenta nº20, an interstellar tractor that shoots you straight into a disco-infused outer space.