01. Dream Journal
02. Mountains & Rivers
03. Body Meridian
04. Edge of The Horizon


The EP leads you in gracefully with the header track Mountains & Rivers, a sonically pleasing combination of lo-fi house and 90’s big beat electronica. The tube compression on the drums forms a driving, deep rhythm that compliments the atmospheric groove of the synths perfectly. Sampled vocals in the background further add to the haunting, somber ambiance of the track and help to create a strong introduction to this EP.

‚Mountains & Rivers‘ is online and can be shared here [Getting Deeper]:

This is followed up with the liquid, deep house vibes of Dream Journal. Dreamy, grainy guitars occupy the high end while the sampled vocals fill up the middle space and serve as the running theme for the EP as a whole.

‚Dream Journal‘ is online and can be shared here [Deep House Sweden]:

Track number three, Body Meridian, with a minimal beat underscores this, giving a lazy kind of beauty to the track and the metallic textures overhead are like a lullaby, perfect for that hazy space of time between coming home from the club and going to work.

‚Boy Meridian‘ is online and can be shared here [Orb Mag]:

The EP rounds off nicely with the bassy, pumping sounds of Edge of the Horizon. The layers upon layers of smooth textured melodies and pads are almost reminiscent of early days Bjork, and the way the track builds up to the final payoff encompasses the listener in a crowded plethora of sonic artifacts that imbue a sense of euphoria and zen.

‚Edge of the Horizon‘ is online and can be shared here [Bespoke Musik]:

A multi-layered, explorational EP from start to finish and a full-bodied representation of beauty in electronica, Emotional Ty’s latest release reminds us all that synthesis is an art form in its own right.