Spectrum’ is the second single from John Monkman’s new sonic initiative ‘Asriel’.

Spectrum offers up a wonderfully intense moment to stand up and be present. Cinematic strings and a rich saturated brass section lay the foundations for erratic and compelling vocal elements, that cut through its rich acoustic tapestry and draw the listener deeper, until in the flash of an eye, it deconstructs and slowly dissolves into the ether.

“This was the first time I’d experimented with sampling classical music elements such as a live operatic vocal take.
Quite a bit of time was spent chopping and tuning the various vocal elements that I’d sampled, before recording the live performance you now hear. What was interesting, was how the character of the vocals morphed when using more contemporary style Performance and Pitching techniques. Spectrum has always had a sense of grandeur to it and gives me the feeling of a new
” – John Monkman

The full album will be released on August 28th and the second single ‘Spectrum’ is out now.