Label Name – Everybody In

Release Track list:

1. Mello (04:50)
2. Drums Driver (05:01)
3. We Get Dis (05:27)
4. Imgonnagetcha (07:15)
5. YHH (06:00)

Leipzig based Osinscky is the latest to bolster the Everybody In ranks with his Mello EP. Well known for his parties under the Shwiftey name and his involvement in OBC Records, he brings 5 tracks of gloriously deep and melodic house music.

Osinscky’s signature sound is smooth and organic, and there is no finer example of this than the opener Mello which sees him curate layered strings and warm rhodes into something a little bit special. With Drums Driver he takes a more straight down the line approach that is aimed more at the dancefloor, a one way ticket to the small hours.

In the 2nd half of the record he kicks it off with We Get Dis, a moody soulful cut which provides the balance the EP needs as its follow up with a super deep and driving jam that is Imgonnagetcha, catchy as hell and with a smoking chord progression this track is the sleeper hit our long hot summers have been waiting for before YHH closes affair with a tuneful and nostalgic groover.