Artist: Various Artists
Title: Fortunea Cookies Vol. 3
Label: fortunea
Genre: Deep House / House / Tech House
Catalogue number: FORTUNEA017
Format: Vinyl / Digital
Release date: 2020-09-18

3 years have past since the release of the fortunea Cookies Vol. 2 ep. Now, the Viennese label is resurrecting their various artists collection with a third entry.

The A-side begins with a smooth deep house piece by LeSale. Dreamy strings and sparkling pads chime together with a thriving funky bassline. A beautiful opener for estival sunset moments.

Peletronic and Klaus Benedek team up together on A2 with some ‚Analogue Kinda Funk‘. Finished during the lockdown while sending the project back and forth over the web, this track gives you an eerie and compelling feeling of the Zeitgeist we are living in right now. Dark reverberant percs, a crunchy guitar and a stunning drum beat will turn your flat into a club for sure.

The B-side features a new member on the fortunea roster. Dzc. is a young and talented dj and producer and this is her first production that is coming out. It’s called ‚The Truth‘ and is a well made peaktime track and a homage of early to late 90s house, techno and trance music.

Lukas Poellauer finishes this record. But not alone! He brought Schreder with him and together they make a ‚Midnight Ride‘ through a melancholic, acid-fulfilled desert.

fortunea Cookies Vol. 3 is limited to 300 copies! There will be no repress!