Release #: FMR 75
Release date: November 6, 2020
Artist: Roland Bassline
Title: Resonant Frequencies EP

Track list:
1.Jam For Chicago
2.Ode De Cologne

Leigh Williamson is a free spirit (and a bit of a madman) when it come to creating music. He runs solo projects as Roland Bassline and King Cosmic and has created memorable house records as one-half of Cosmic Groove Transmission. Leigh has been in the game since 1997 and penned a diverse group of releases on labels like Brique Rouge, Odori, Low Pressings, Drenched, and Gourmet Recordings. You can’t box Leigh into a single style or sub-genre. He can go wide and long sonically, usually swayed by the muse inside the machines he manipulates to create sonic tapestries.

Both of the cuts on Resonant Frequencies were live jams, first performed as Facebook Live streams. Leigh recorded the sessions into Ableton Live, cleaned them up a bit and sent us mixed versions of his performances. We love both of these tracks!

Jam for Chicago and Ode De Cologne are unapologetic acid beasts. His names for each track checks the geographic influences he was feeling while improvising. These cuts aren’t just for any DJ; these are acid house soundscapes for those daring enough to play music that doesn’t fit a mold. These are wild recordings with hues and tones that will stand out.

Are you feeling dangerous?