Philipp Gorbachev presents his latest 5-track EP “Nichego Ne Ponyal” which will be released on the 30th of October 2020 via System 108.

Philipp Gorbachev is amongst Moscow‘s most renowned dance music artists. The musician, DJ, and live performer is also known as the resident of MUTABOR, a member of ARMA17 and the System 108 community. His previous releases on Cómeme, трип, ARMA, and his own PG TUNE label contribute to a big variety of music genres: full live bands, church bell music, and techno.

The new EP, which translates to ‘I understood nothing’ is an ode to isolation, where one’s personal state of solitude simultaneously clashed with a global pandemic lockdown. The record was produced in the process of a fleeting stream of thought, and rather than relying on the use of automatization and the digital, it consists of recorded instruments. Drum machines, live drums, drum pads, keyboards, accompanied by bewildering vocals – all create an enticing audio tale that embodies the ethereal state of today’s existence.

Whilst being confined in the new secluded and virtual reality of the world, the artwork was devised via Facetime by photographer Nick Gavrilov, and just like the EP, it depicts the act of creation as such; Gorbachev’s kitchen transformed into a temporary art studio where the interchange of imagination roamed free.

The ‘Nichego Ne Ponyal’ EP is a result of Philipp Gorbachev’s collaboration with System 108 and is the 3rd vinyl release of the creative platform, which is recognized for delivering outstanding events in Moscow’s electronic music scene.