Artist & Release Title – HEROARKY – Anti-gravity

Release Date – 11/11/20

Label Name – Heroarky

Release Track list:
1. Anti-gravity
2. Hello ER 62
3. Silent Invasion
4. ASMR Tngle
5. Sonata 3.0 proto-type
6. Recollection

This latest record from Australian based Heroarky is a look into the artists imagined future. A tale of a post-pandemic world and the changes wrought upon it.

Whilst some changes are inevitable some can be avoided, with this record Heroarky puts into sound some of his feelings about the challenges we are yet to face.

Taking its cues from artists like Daniel Avery and other left field ambient and experimental techno artists, it explores tones and textures that evoke a certain feeling about the future.

Out this November.

Artist Quote: “ 2020 has been one of the weirdest year, feels like we are entering into a new era,- a dangerous one- started off with unstoppable bushfire here in Australia, then pandemic, panic buying, lockdown, economic collapse, civil unrest & division in US, UK and the rest etc. Through making this EP, I envisaged what the future would be like in 10 or 20 years. Will this pandemic be forgotten and will we be carrying on with normal life as if nothing happened? Or will it have a lasting effect in the next decade or even more? We wish the former to be true but most of the time changes are inevitable, as we know it. But I hope that we are getting better at working through uncontrollable processes as we evolve each time when we face a challenge like this.“

Record Sounds Like – Experimental , left field techno, ambient electronic music , sounds like daniel avery, max cooper , etc