01. Colours à l’infini (Radial Gaze Remix)
02. The Fine Line Between Us (Days of Being Wild Remix)
03. The Pace of Everything That Lives (Local Suicide Remix)
04. Drifting-off-the-Grid (Skelesys Remix)

In celebration of his recent EP „The Pace Of Everything That Lives“, the cosmic poet Pyrame indulges us with 4 phenomenal remixes of this records’ tracks by Radial Gaze, Days of Being Wild, Local Suicide and Skelesys, which will be released on Pyrame’s own label Thisbe Recordings on October 16th. The original EP explores themes of relationships, freedom, life and love, and brings together Pyrame’s adoration for science, the cosmos and Greek mythology. These groovy remixes showcase each artists’ unique aesthetic and their interpretation of the themes that unravel in this record, combining elements of disco, rock, industrial and techno.

First up is the duo hailing from St. Petersburg, Andrey and Stas or better known as Radial Gaze with a remix of „Colours (à l’infini)“. Bearing a mixture of hazy layers, sophisticated percussive patterns and trance-inducing synth intonations, a magnetizing sound is created that is reminiscent of tribal house music. The story behind the original track is one of tainted yet satisfying love and the kaleidoscope of emotions that it possesses. The somber moodiness employed by Pyrame blends with the cheerful drums brought by Radial Gaze to concoct a psychedelic sound, in which the different emotions challenge one another for the spotlight.

„Colours (à l’infini) [Radial Gaze Remix]“ is online now and can be shared here. [Deep House Moscow Premiere]

The next remix is by the French pair Franz Kirmann and Sam Berdah, aka Days of Being Wild. This duo put a twist on Pyrame’s track „The Pace Of Everything That Lives“, which tells a story about the quest for self-discovery. While maintaining the marching beat and frequently distorting vocals of the original track, this remix spices things up by diverting into a stripped-back ethereal atmosphere, in which echoing mechanical sounds and hazy lyrics are the main focus. Days of Being Wild are known for creating “slightly deranged club music”, which shines through in this disorientating yet euphoric remix.

„The Pace of Everything That Lives [Days of Being Wild Remix]“ is online now and can be shared here. [Afterhour Sounds Premiere]

Berlin-based couple Local Suicide deliver a well-suited remix of „The Fine Line Between Us“ as their aesthetic coincides perfectly with this new-wave inspired track by Pyrame. The signature Local Suicide moody vocals and melty acid sounds combine with the vocals of the original track, the winding celestial melody and anamorphic laserbeam synth rays, to provide a hypnotising illustration of the Greek myth of chaotic star-crossed love.

„The Fine Line Between Us [Local Suicide Remix]“ is out now and can be shared here [Deep House Amsterdam Premiere]

Skelesys brings us his industrial sounds in this remix of „Drifting-Off-The-Grid“. This enthralling track is a melting pot of dark techno, uptempo rhythms, robotic distorted lyrics and galactic background melodies. The introduction of Skelesys punk and sci-fi influences into the story, that Pyrame tells of tumultuous relationships, makes for a truly intoxicating experience and rounds this EP off in a unique way.

„Drifting-Off-The-Grid [Skelesys Remix]“ is out now and can be shared here [MINITEL Premiere]

Pyrame’s original EP encapsulates the tale of passionate relationships in a series of layers that unfold throughout the listening experience, and the remixes by Radial Gaze, Days of Being Wild, Local Suicide and Skelesys take the essence of this mesmerizing journey and put their own spin on it, transforming these tracks into entrancing dance hits that depict an upbeat and enchanting tale of life and love.