KRAKE is celebrating its 10th anniversary…

10 years

11. – 13. of December 2020

Over 3 days in December Krake Festival will celebrate 10 years of its existence with a very special edition:

Presenting – 3 days of music, Live AV shows, the very 1st of Krake TV and a Call-in Talkshow – all happening in the World Wide Web (read with a sonorous male voice with a southern state accent)!

The musical content will feature a wide variety of musical styles, some exclusive a/v productions and some other specials. It will be structured as follows:


DAY 1 We will present 4 shows, amongst which there will be an augmented fantasy live performance and a very special combination of a cooking show and a b2b2b DJ set.


DAY 2 will be a multi-room festival situation translated into modern times with almost 10 streams happening at the same time, coming from different crews out of Berlin and the rest of the world including FOLD (London), Onderwereld (The Hague), Seoul Community Radio (South Korea), Omen Recordings (L.A) Mechatronica, Ismus, Universe of Tang and others. The content will be streamed all night long through our website, the visitor will be able to switch between the streams like at our real-life festival where you could switch between different floors, musical and audiovisual concepts. The line ups include some burners.

DAY 3 will be all about decompression. Our ambient sleep concert will be all night long, too, and will focus on relaxing and spacious music which you can enjoy alone or with friends chilling and dreaming away on your own couch or in your bed – maybe the most appropriate format for electronic music in these crazy times.

Krake TV:
To expand the streaming format for festivals, we have developed a thing called Krake TV, a music TV format with different shows presenting music videos, artist features, comedy in cooperation with backstage – Das DJ Magazin, a very special Techno workout and our traditional Krake raffle. There will be 1 hour of Krake TV on all three days.

Person Man Woman Camera TV show:
Also we will have a call-in Talk show with Dieter Polen and DJ Elliver discussing the most important and ridiculous issues of our times with their audience.

V.A. Music Compilation:
To round it off, we will also release some music of some of the key artists playing for us in the past 10 years. It would have been too much to ask all of them, but we did ask some if they wanted to contribute to a jubilee compilation and now we are happy and proud to be able to present a V.A. compilation with over 70 tracks! The compilation will be released digitally only and sold for a very, very low price. All buyers will automatically take part in our charity raffle/tombola.

Charity raffle/tombola:
Our annual label fair won’t happen for obvious reasons – but we will have the raffle take place! Numerous labels have given uns huge packages – partly their whole catalogue – and companies such as Irie Daily, Native Instruments, Ableton and Elektron have contributed to the amazing prizes we have. All profit of the ticket sales will be donated to the inclusive project Ick Mach Welle and Seawatch.