Label: Cardiology
Cat #: Cardiology LP01
Format: Vinyl / Digital
Genre: Disco / Funk
Release Date: 29 March

Given that John Devecchis AKA The Owl decided to call his long-promised debut album Concrete Funk, you’d probably expect something heavy, grey and angular. Yet the music contained within – a mixture of loopy, gently beefed-up revisions and straight re-edits of killer funk, soul, disco and boogie jams – is anything but grey and dull. It’s every bit as colourful as his previous EPs, with the many highlights including the bumpin‘ ‚Solar Funk‘, the squelchy brilliance of Steve Monite re-rub ‚Only You Baby‘, the synth-heavy, Italo-style throb-job ‚The Truth‘, and the soaring, string-drenched disco release of ‚Knuckles‘. With 12 killer cuts strewn across two slabs of wax, it’s a value-for-money collection that contains more high-grade edits than you can shake a proverbial stick at.