Winter Mute is Julia Govor’s solo EP on multidisciplinary record label JUJUKA.

Born in Russia and New York-based, Julia started as a singer in a military band back in the USSR and ended up in New York. She’s collaborated with some of the most well-known electronic dance music producers and contemporary DJs – artists such as Kamran Sadeghi, Ricardo Villalobos, Nina Kraviz and Jeroen Search. Her productions lean towards the sophisticated side of original Detroit Techno, while keeping it dry, detail-loaded and diverse.

She’s most known as a producer who has her own unique and innovative sounds. She is the founder of sound design company Ritual Signal in NYC and The Lot Radio resident / host – Cosmonaut show.

Winter Mute is Govor’s first solo EP since 2018.

The inspiration for writing the record came after reading Neuromancer, a seminal science fiction novel by American-Canadian writer William Gibson. In total isolation in NYC, the book revealed the producer’s vision of a new world. Each page helped to truly carry the artist through the kaleidoscopic events that she was deprived of due to the global pandemic. Andrei Tarkovsky cinematography is a frequent voice which inspires Govor’s music. She finds a place for his art in every release. This time in the composition “Awake“ – Julia took the main idea from his iconic scene “The Kiss” featured in the war drama “Ivan’s Childhood“.