Timeshare is the new label platform from Berlin-based producer, developer, sound designer, educator, and artist Noah Pred. Providing a home on Bandcamp for collaborations with friends and artists, each release will support a specially selected charitable organisation. 100% of the proceeds from this release go directly to Leave No One Behind.

Leave No One Behind is a platform for a movement that wants to leave no one behind in the EU migrant crisis, and stands for a humane asylum policy. The #LeaveNoOneBehind campaign is supported by tens of thousands of people who participate in and organize actions, by humanitarian and political organizations, and artists. The association employs a small team in Berlin and on the EU’s external borders, so that donations effectively reach the local population while the campaign continues to be fed with ideas and action.

Fellow North American immigrants in Berlin, Noah Pred and Kenneth Scott follow their analog house workout for Biologic with a trio of accelerated electro: starting at 133, each cut escalates by one BPM. Combining front-facing drum work with Pred’s acidic flourishes and Scott’s trademark pads, the opener sets a future-forward tone with a sly nod to electro’s past. Funk-injected low-end and vintage analog sound design culminate in a low-gravity breakdown before the pull of NGC 134’s drum machines drive attention back to the moment at hand. Rounding out the release, SN 135’s diving subs support an unfolding geometry of interlocking synthetic structures that point toward a hypnotic future indeed.