Murat Uncuoglu releases a triumphant EP on Sum Over Histories

The 16th release from Sum Over Histories, the label from electronic music duo Frankey & Sandrino, comes from Istanbul-based artist Murat Uncuoglu.

With an ear for music and a mind for technology, the five-track EP delves deep into the nuances of intelligent dance music. Uncuoglu became fascinated by the intersection of music and technology in Turkey, and chose London as the place to elevate and amplify his passion and curiosity. The city opened up his head and heart to the possibilities of progressive house which he then took home to Istanbul to build and expand the scene there. Every production feels like a spontaneous journey of discovery; Uncuoglu is unafraid of pushing boundaries and exploring the unseen edges and dark corners of electronic music.

The title track, Invisible Eyes is arguably the most emotive and introspective of the EP. With gushing synths and messianic build-ups, the track has the texture of the other-worldly; a musical realm to get lost in. Uncuoglu’s signature style starts simple and grows increasingly complex. He adds hi-hats, synths, idiophones and effects reminiscent of smoke machines billowing over a packed nightclub.

Uncuoglu flexes his unparalleled production skills with Sooner or Later, a stripped back percussion-driven track for deep thinkers and conscious listeners. It begins methodically, until Uncuoglu layers in digitised synths and frenetic percussion to create a mammoth analogue and digital crescendo, a symbiotic reflection of our online and offline existence. Bloom is another nod to Uncuoglu’s fascination with technology, a combination of deep synths and hospital-like bleeps that descend into controlled chaos. Uncuoglu takes the listener on a journey to the inner most corners of his psyche with this profound and deeply moving track.

Dairy is powerful and drum-driven, sitting in the intersection of chaos and order. Uncuoglu’s productions often tread the line between the two, so the listener feels lost one second and grounded the next. It’s a profound skill that’s demonstrated well in Feed. The track begins with a 4:4 beat, until Uncuoglu introduces percussion elements along with unexpected time-signatures. Synths and bass and hi-hats create a near chaotic mesh of sounds, only to break down and return to the 4:4. The result is a beautiful, unpredictable construction that encapsulates the many facets of progressive house.

Frankey says: “Murat’s a veteran of electronic music and never fails to push boundaries with his productions. To me they transport, uplift and inspire. He’s a skilled producer and a true talent.”

Sandrino says: “Every now and then an artist comes along that takes me totally by surprise, and Murat’s one of them. Every release is unique, surprising, eclectic, so when he releases new music I never know what to expect.”

Murat Uncuoglu’s EP was released on Sum Over Histories on April 23rd 2021.


1. Murat Uncuoglu: Invisible Eyes
2. Murat Uncuoglu: Sooner Or Later
3. Murat Uncuoglu: Bloom
4. Murat Uncuoglu: Dairy
5. Murat Uncuoglu: Feed



Sum Over Histories is a label for the conscious listener – ‘contemporary electronic music made for closed-eyed dancers.’ – founded and run by Frankey & Sandrino. Driven by a passion for electronic dance music in all its forms, the label creates space for multi-instrumentalists and producers to explore their inner selves, creating introverted narratives that encourage profound listening for our minds, not just beats and rhythms for our bodies.