Timeshare is the new label platform from Berlin-based producer, developer, sound designer, educator, and artist Noah Pred. Providing a home on Bandcamp for collaborations with friends and artists, each release will support a specially selected charitable organisation.

100% of the proceeds from this release go directly to the East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative.

East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative aligns technical, financial, and organizational inputs to support Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and allied communities to cooperatively organize, finance, purchase, and steward mixed-use and residential property in California’s East Bay. They buy and preserve real estate to keep tenants of color in their community, to remove housing from the speculative market, and to address the root problems associated with poverty concentration and neighborhood disinvestment. Their model empowers existing residents to build equity and assert control over neighborhood change, while fostering a culture of democracy and cooperation by giving tenants an opportunity to co-own and co-manage property in one of the most inflated markets in the U.S.

Sharing East Bay roots, Noah Pred and Lando eventually converged in Berlin, where their affinity for syncopated techno and Golden State Dubs brought them together to produce this trio of funk-fuelled future-forward workouts. Their skilled two-man game delivers Layup, with rolling acid grooves providing bedrock for dubbed-out percussion to sprawl beyond the horizon. Screen takes a heads-down approach with rubbery chords, sinister pads, and insistent drums building tension before unveiling hypnotically rotating synth sequences. Finally, Pivot builds on a framework of detuned polyphony before thundering toms and blown-out rides give way to spiralling analog patterns and infectiously tuned percussion. Linking up for No Look Dimes, Pred and Lando are more than happy to assist.