Artist: Kero
Title: Demo Vectors
Label: Detroit Underground
Release date: July 15th 2021
Formats: 12″ + Digital
Graphic design: Demo Design
Vinyl mastering: Dietrich Schoenemann
Digital mastering: Royce Grayer

Audio visual sculptor Kero operates the multidisciplinary arts collective Detroit Underground record label and continues to produce bit crushed experimental electronic music with over two decades under his belt.

Demo Vectors showcases Kero’s sonic range—bouncing back and forth between IDM fractures, broken electro shapes and an all around low-end forcefield. Splicing machined modular tunes with syncopated rhythms and Detroit-inspired slivers, Kero’s fingerprints can be found on IDM torch bearing imprints like Ghostly International, Neo Ouija, Shitkatapult, Semantica, Touchin‘ Bass, Low Res, BPitch Control, Crazy Language, Touched Music, Kaer’Uiks and many others.

Using different studio setups from 1998 to 2021, Demo Vectors culminated from many different locations including Detroit, Windsor, Barcelona, Berlin and Los Angeles and reveals Kero’s curriculum vitae packaged in a 60 minute robust collection.

The downtempo groove of ABSTR_B&B offers a classic bricolage of collapsed mechanical percussion straight from the foundry as the definitive sound design and glitchy bits of BLISS take shape. Fluid robotics and bass jabs progress on GROUNDZEROBACK pushing each pixel to their breaking point. You’ll also find stark industrial elements on tracks like PREFREAK.EPS and spastic acid on „COMOFFICE-1“ displaying the wide angle lens Kero employs to capture improvised dark drill’n bass techniques with a Squarepusher sheen. From the slow burning PILL’LATHE2 humming its way across laid back digitized acrobatics to the aptly titled COLOR_CUB that clicks, cuts and collects subtle low frequency modulations, Demo Vectors is a tightly compacted and forward thinking IDM album.

Sandblasted electronics mixed with shattered glass and corrosive blips’n bleeps, Demo Vectors acts as Kero’s raison d’etre as each piece eclipses itself.