Today, KX9000 releases his new EP 2L84ME. With this new maxi, the Parisian producer explores a new neo-soul facet of his musical palette, while remaining faithful to his recognizable style.

„I tried to shape a sound that is unique to me by having a more machine-oriented approach, and using almost no samples, in order to be able to let the soul of the studio express itself“ he explains. „I like that the EP can give the impression of transcribing antithetical ideas: frustration and appeasement, simplicity and maximalism, nostalgia and a more modern approach. The search for combining differences inspires me a lot of beauty to transmit“.

A creation nourished by meeting other artists, an essential element of KX9000’s music. On this new EP, we can find collaborations with Tour-Maubourg, the French singer ddöve, but also another artist from Pont Neuf TAOS, and the Lyon-based producer Mangabey.