Label Name: – Virtual Forest Records
Release Date: – Thursday, July 29 2021

Track Listing:

1. Jacques Satre – Jason’s Dream
2. Lebird – Nebula Clock
3. Solma – Kylie’s Lost In Tokyo
4. Selected Dream Memories – Nights With Her
5. Fluid Matter – Have You Seen My Friends?
6. Mohammed Vicente – More FX
7. FMS – Boomerang (SNKLS Remix)
8. Visages – The Worst Of Them

Record Sounds Like: A midsummer night’s dream during a rave in a secluded clearing

After the success of their first Motherboard EP by Solma, Virtual Forest Records continue to show their colors to the world. This second release, an 8-track compilation of French talents, is a manifest of their style, showcasing all the facets of their universe through digital & physical media. Deep and boundary-pushing, full of contrast and almost exotic at times, This Doesn’t Look Like A Good Place To Picnic is the perfect place to let your mind wander without supervision.

On top of the digital release, a limited-edition cassette tape is available, containing a few random seeds to invite a slice of forest into our homes. Simply plant them in soil to discover what they become, all the while listening to our curation of forward-thinking dance music.

⅓ of Le Marais, Saint-Etienne-based Jacques Satre starts off softly with his signature trancey downtempo in „Jason’s Dream“, giving glimpses of a bucolic afternoon rave.
As the sun starts to hide behind the canopy and the light begins to dim, La Forge core member Lebird brings out his powerful bass and hybrid IDM-jungle in „Nebula Clock“, for a dive into darker waters.
The night is now into motion and label head Solma unleashes heavy kicks, dotted vocals and hyper-acid basslines with „Kylie’s Lost In Tokyo“, followed by its emotional and poetic counterpart „Nights With Her“ courtesy of Pomme Sanguine head honcho Selected Dream Memories (fka Sire).
Label head Fluid Matter adds a darker tone to this series of bangers with Have You Seen My Friends?, a breakbeat-infused UK techno missile, whereas a step into glitch territory is taken by Mohammed Vicente with „More FX“’s percussive melodies and weird synths.
Polaar and Le French Work’s SNKLS responds with his very own brand of glitchy high-speed electronics as he remixes Solma and Fluid Matter’s „Boomerang“ (out on Human Disease Network) and drives the night into a frenzy.
„The Worst Of Them“ closes the compilation as Lyon-based A/V trio Visages lower the tempo and the madness with their deep and introspective downtempo composition.