Australian label Denude’s second release: ‘Faces in Stone’ presents a VA compilation which shares a variety of deep electronic music from artists who have a personal connection with the label.

Opening the compilation, ‘Morning Waves’ by Ranjit Nijjer builds itself up around a call and response between percussion and crashing echoes – a steady and deep groove emerges – ready to wash over contemplative minds and move bodies.

Ritus – the collaborative project between Ray Kajioka and Eddie Hale takes us into the heat with ‘Pulser’. Skimming across desert canyons and machine laden wastelands fuelled by a droning and percussive groove, the track is both a minimal and tech affair.

B1’s ‘Naiad’, by Emex presents the EP’s first real four to the floor track, an arpeggiated synth line slowly evolving and developing texture within the firm scaffolding of a sharp sounding 909 kit. With the synthesized rhythm and percussion groove finally fusing together, listeners are led inwards to feel out the nuanced and subtle elements of the mix.

Providing a break from the kick, Esther Duijn’s track ‘Into Oblivion’ presents a distorted siren, creating radio interference and causing fragmented frequencies to flicker before us while a thumping sub bass rises and falls beneath.

Alexander Kowalski’s ‘Red Shadows’ rounds off the release with a mechanical and electric fully fledged late night weapon, complete with a full 909 kit, squealing filter resonances and ethereal Detroit style stabs.