Mauricio is part of this generation of new talented Brazilian producers. He brings in its EP some cosmic sounds specific to him and inspired by Disco, Italo or Indie.

“Runner” makes you raise your arms in the air, carried by an amazing rollin’ arpeggio & interspersed with striking percussions. Pads & leads complete the track with a smooth atmosphere.

“Fuel Trompet” is also perfect to dance, a little darker with the throbbing guitars & the flying effects. And when the trumpet comes in, it seems that Laurent Garnier himself was there when the track was produced by Mauricio.

“Salva” complete the release with a smoother indie track. A pleasant stroll along the Brazilian beach, at sunrise.

The Italian master Tulioxi returns to the label to remix “Runner”. He gives the best version of himself with a dark and even more energetic remix where the guitars are just incredible !

Finally, we are happy to have the spanish artist Arkademode as second remixer. He gives to “Salva” a perfect acid way to raise it on the dancefloor ! He will come back soon for the owl with a wonderful EP ;).