Operating out of the European techno Mecca that is Berlin, Deorbiting – alias Christian Schilgen and Christoph Deckert, now joined by their Austrian drummer, Bernhard – aren’t your umpteenth purveyors of big-room quivers and woofer-busting basswaves. Veering off the main stream of genre-bound electronics, the German outfit has been forging its own musical concept with little to no regards toward “scenes” and “trends”.

Brewing elements of cosmic asceticism and exploratory audacity without turning their back on the rhythmic life line that brings electronic music lovers together, Deorbiting sure know how to squeeze emotions out of seemingly cold-hearted machines. Through more sleepless studio sessions and never-ending improvised jams than they could recall, Schilgen and Deckert have slowly and quietly laid the foundation to that Deorbiting signature sound – spanning every inch from Schulze-ian kosmische flights to deep house ethereality, via EBM’s sizzling power of floor subjugation and further off-piste electronica.

Starting with their maiden offering on SVT from 2018, “Paranorama”, followed by “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi” and their latest effort, “Depolar” featuring Pølaroit, Deorbiting have been compiling blueprints to their anticipated debut full-length, “Space House” – a fourteen-piece Moebius strip of minutely designed textural synthesis, kinetic dazzle and otherworldly evasion. Setting course on uncharted territories, Deorbiting take us on a slo-blooming interstellar journey, moving from the cottony weightlessness of space opera’ed ambient of its interludes to smouldering floor weaponry effortlessly, tying functionality with narrative cohesion throughout.

A true manifesto of the pair’s wide-screen vision, all eyes set on vaster sonic expanses and new trails to blaze for both club-friendly/not focused material, “Space House” is a defining turn for the duo-turned-trio. Resolved to expand their scope width continuously, grinding in every facet of sound they may find of interest, Deorbiting have us spinning out of our comfort zone’s orbit into their own all-embracing, highly gratifying wormhole.