Walking at night through the jungle, you never know when a tiger might be watching you…and if you happen to gaze right into the tiger’s eyes, be sure to stay still, and gently back off…Considered to be one of the most magnificent creatures on earth, the Tiger is the main protagonist in many myths and folk tales. Fierce, graceful, solitary, and fearless, the Tiger teaches us to stay fully grounded in the moment, and to move with utmost precision.

Inspired by imaginary encounters with the Tiger, this new track from Santi & Tuğçe’s upcoming album captures the duo in one of their most majestic musical moments to date. Fully scored and orchestrated by Santi and co-produced with Tuğçe, Tiger’s Den seamlessly brings together the many musical worlds that this eclectic duo inhabits: electronic music, Western classical music, and jazz, enriched with melodic and rhythmic ideas from Anatolia, the Balkans, and Latin America. Joining Santi & Tuğçe on this track are three Turkish brass virtuosos: Tolga Bilgin (trumpet), Serkan Altınok (tenor and baritone saxophone) and Ertürk İduğ (trombone) who capture the soul of the track with the agility of a tiger.

Recorded and filmed in between two urban jungles, namely, Istanbul and Berlin, Tiger’s Den is as dynamic and versatile as these two cities themselves and serves as a “bridge” between the ancient and the new, the real and the marvelous just like Istanbul and Berlin, as well as Santi and Tuğçe do.
released March 18, 2022

Original Score and Orchestration: Santi
Production and Mix: Santi & Tuğçe
Trumpet: Tolga Bilgin
Tenor & Baritone Saxaphone: Serkan Altınok
Trombone: Ertürk İduğ
Cover Art: Martin Haake
Berlin Audio Recording: Santi & Tuğçe
Istanbul Audio Recording: Hayyam Stüdyoları, Istanbul
Mastering: Stefan Thomas, Studio A Berlin
Label: Kybele Records
Music Video Directed and Edited by: Christoph Mangler
Berlin Footage: Christoph Mangler
Istanbul Footage: Isa Kurt
Special Thanks to: Can Aykal, Aslıhan Güngör, Barış Ertürk, Marcello Pisano