How can one keep itself intact? On his first release through 6 Plusten Records, Meduna insists on revisiting
himself in search for an unknown sound. If on his previous two Eps, ‘Sanatório’, via Brazilian label Gop Tun,
and ‘Casulo’ (self-released), he manifested more of a psychedelic and an acid approach to synthwave and
synthpop, this time his distorted 808 beats and howling timbres translate to an electric atmosphere, opening for
a broken or torn state, in a movement to let itself dismantle to, who knows, get rebuilt. ‘Desmantelo’ is
composed by two tracks, “Nafiltida” and “Henxakake”, flanked by a remix by fellow Brazilian experimental artist

Artist Bio:
Meduna is the solo project of Ramiro Galas, a Brasilia-based electronic music producer. Forged in difficult
times, periods that often come and go, Meduna, named after an old sanatorium from Ramiro’s hometown,
started as a creative self-storage for confusing emotions transformed into art. After a while it took shape and,
what once served as medication, became sustenance. Nowadays, to invest in this project in search for such a
personal sound, is one of the goals of this young musician, who is also part of the duos Forró Red Light and
Pílula Project.