Pont Neuf Records celebrates its 6th anniversary this year ! So to celebrate this, we’re releasing on July 1st a third volume of our Hexagonal Club compilation series. We gathered the best of the new French house scene with all the family of the label as well as guests close to Pont Neuf, including Tour-Maubourg, Oden & Fatzo, Cosmonection, Vitess, KX9000, THEOS and many more besides.

And for the occasion we had the honour to invite Laurent Garnier who lent us his voice on the previews above to discuss what it is to be an electronic music artist in France today.

Hexagonal Club Vol. 3

Various Artists

Pont Neuf Records

July 1st, 2022

  1. Groove Boys Project – Where Is My Love
  2. Tour-Maubourg – Square Sounds
  3. Flabaire – Tribute (ft. Frank H. Carter III)
  4. Madcat – Hug The Police
  5. Calmos & Berzingue – Not a Trap
  6. Māokē – Cosmopolitan
  7. KX9000 – Complete Dancin‘
  8. Mira Ló – Look What You’ve Done
  9. THEOS – Be Mine (ft. Noa Milee)
  10. Oden & Fatzo – Lost In Paradise
  11. Herr Krank – KlubMusik
  12. Berzingue – Splendor Box
  13. Cosmonection – Orcas
  14. Saudade – Sherman
  15. Fasme – Body Warming
  16. Vites – Head Scan