Artist: Re:Fill
Title: Cycles
Label: Cognitiva Records
Cat #: CR005
Format: Vinyl 12” / Digital
Genre: #Electronic #Jazz #JazzFunk #Brokenbeat
Release Date:
Vinyl album Release 3 June
Digital album Release 6 June
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Rhythm ever present, melody rising and captivating, thirsting for the chance to wrap the listener around its little finger, a tantalising and ever entrancing meander through the possibility of complex percussion and heart warming keys….

The world of Re:Fill can really be summed up with two words: keyboards and drums, but to limit the their capabilities to purely instrumental elements would be a disservice to the incredible soundscapes they create. The duo, consisting of Gaetano DeCarli and Stefano De Santis, have set a very large line in the sand since their inception in 2020, with their deftly crafted blend of jazz laden polyrhythms and softly spoken melodic structures greatly admired for their ingenuity and dexterity. To ensare yourself within their music is to see two heartbeats at play, the pulse of the music inviting hearts and minds alike to swivel and turn at every given opportunity, with the depth on display all the more remarkable that it is all created by two people. Their previous releases all hint towards a number of influences, such as Tony Allen and the London district of Shoreditch, references which give the music an extra edge and allows for the possibilities to flow forth. Singles like ‘The Vinyl Session’ feel as if they contain a multitude of strands, despite the music’s short length, whilst their most recent release, ‘Districts’, has that ultra modern feel to it, as glimmering stabbing synths collide with impeccable percussive elements. if you listen to their previous efforts you see the blue print of much more ambitious things to come, and well the time seems perfect for an LP release….

It all leads onwards, a sound that feels like it could reach heights of unimaginable possibility, and with ‘Cycles’, the duo have crafted something that rises to the very top. Welcomed into the Cognitiva fold like an old friend, ‘Cycles’ reflects the groups’ evident ambition that has dissipated from their previous singles, and provides plenty of breathing room for new styles to evolve and new scales to be explored. The album consists of a number of original cuts along with some excellent remixes, with longtime Cognitiva family member Sofatalk, WheelUP and Ben Fauke invited to place their spin upon the record. What results is a wondrous unravelling of melody and rhythm, with each track opening up like a majestic flower in bloom in the early morning sun, before grabbing the listener by both hands as the groove evolves with such purpose and invention. The opener, ‘Impulse’, does just that, as densities shift perspective within the keys, creating a call and response feel with the drums that merges superbly between expansive scapes and tight, concise funks. The track has not one but two remixes, both of which break things down and rebuild the track with respect and alternative angles, and act as perfect counter balances to the effortless progression of the original. ‘Intemperance’ is perhaps the most powerful track the duo have ever released, with a thick keyboard bass line permeating hard through swirling cosmic synths and heavy hitting drums, with plenty of density found within. ‘Atomism’, ‘Radiance’ and ‘Stillness’ are different beasts, their tone and form slightly less explosive but with the transitions expertly pulled off by creative usage of instrumental shifts and percussive movements. The use of guitar should be noted, giving a very Japanese Jazz Funk feel to proceedings at times, which is always welcomed. ‘Stillness’ also receives the remix treatment, with Ben Fauke’s version doing the milage in bringing the funk into a skippy 2 step space, with looping horns and piano really doing the business as a final curtain call.

Arms open, smiles abounding, and bodies ready for a dance. Cognitiva couldn’t be prouder to release this special album, from a duo who have a very bright future ahead of them. So sit back, or stand up, and prepare to free your mind and let go of your body – this is music to live for.