Label Name: – Back Door Records

Release Date: – Friday, September 2 2022

Track Listing:

  1. 313 Clones
  2. D’voidofunk
  3. Fantasy
  4. Love Machine
  5. Loop

Record Sounds Like: Slow Electro, Dub Techno, Electro House.

Dsum returns to Back Door Records with a record that dips into classic electro and Detroit influences vibes. This varied collection tips its hat in a few directions. Showing respect to underground roots across the board.

Each side of this record offers different but compatible visions, from the ethereal Electro of 313 Clones and the bite of D’voidofunk. To the dream House of Fantasy and depth of Love Machine. The journey the artist takes through different sounds is part of what makes this record so special.

Releasing this September on Back Door Records.

Artist Quote – „From classic electro influences to lo-fi dub techno, the new Dsum’s release is landing in a mystic zone, exploring breaks, reverse kicks, and low tempo rhythms.

The first track, „313 Clones“ is a Detroit-influenced „trap“ with deep melodies alongside those seventy’s vocoder samples. On the other side, „Fantasy“ is the producer’s favorite, dub essential, profound, with a bass made from the reverse kick and a sequence going out of tune to land into that spooky vibe.

For the House side, „Love Machine“ is the neutral rhythm and relaxing track of this EP, Funky and chill with a great bass line that gives you that head move. Also, in the end, a hypnotic „loop“ tool for those creative DJs!

Lighting Intermission releases on Sep 6 via Back Door Records.“