Label Name: – BasilicaMusic

Release Date: – Friday, October 21 2022

Track Listing:

True Splendour
Rocket Ship
My Little Black Angel
Celestial Son
Sleep Within
Blossom Trail
Haze Chameleon
Black Tape

Record Sounds Like: Ambient electronica, dream pop and electronic rock with an 80’s vibe and influences from David Bowie, Kate Bush, Japan, Nick Cave and Max Richter

Search for meaning, the human condition, the advance of AI and the mysteries of the universe explored through modern atmospheric electronica, dream pop and electronic rock

Musician, producer, and composer Paul K releases ‘The Space Between’, a one-way journey through the stars with just an AI for company and a lifetime of memories to record

• Following the critical acclaim of his last album “Anandamide”, electronic artist Paul K will release “The Space Between” on 21st October 2022
• The album is the natural follow up to Paul’s 2018 album “The Fermi Paradox” (No.6 on the albums of the year 2018 at Music News). This album takes the listener into space to explore themes around the search for meaning in the vastness of space, the human condition, the rise of advanced AI, the Turing test, the celestial realm, and the transience of life on the planet.
• The album was conceived, written, and recorded at Paul’s studio and features 13 tracks of experimental sounds and atmospheres from Paul’s custom modular system plus performances from members of his live band on several of the rockier tracks
• The new album features Emily Lynn on backing vocals who provides layers of lush vocal harmonies that become an instrument in their own right and really compliment the electronic sounds on the album
• “The Space Between” is sonically a new approach from Paul who for the first time provides the lead vocals and has tried to maintain a lo-fi approach to writing and recording in line with the isolation of space and the premise of the album being recorded on a journey alone across the stars
• The lead track from the album is “Coda”. It sees the lone astronaut years into his journey and coming to the end of his life, knowing he will be replaced with an AI version of himself to continue the journey into the unknown. Coda will be available on pre-order of the album on all digital platforms
• Haze Chameleon will also be available ahead of the album release on all digital platforms and is a track about the thoughts, loneliness, and mental health implications on the astronaut as he goes deeper and deeper into space alone
• Paul Kirkpatrick, under his pseudonym Paul K, is a British composer, producer, musician, and songwriter, performing as a solo artist on his latest album project
• Hailed as ‘one of the best writers of atmospheric electronic instrumentals’, Paul’s last four albums, and his live shows, have received unanimous praise from reviewers across all forms of media