Label: Minor Notes Recordings
Cat #: MNRD006
Format: Digital
Genre: Deep House / Lo-Fi House / Jungle
Release Date: 15/09/22
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Minor Notes presents ‚Interesnye Oschuscheniya‘. The mysterious artist with the strange name from Moscow debuts on the label this September! Revnost EP perfectly fits for the start of this melancholic and beautiful season.

MNRD006 was created as a reimagining of the super freaky sound of Russian „Perestroika“ popular music and its legacy. Sampling old cassettes in not more than G+ condition from family archives and personal digs, Interesnye Oschuscheniya developed his own style, which is gravitating to house music with a lo-fi filter on it. It is very hard to identify the original tracks where these samples came from, so you can hear only recycled versions in scenes by this unique artist himself. But for a true diggers we can say that you should check libraries of „СОЮЗ“ pop label compilations, „Трепанация Ч-Рэпа“ mixtapes and 7″ vinyl from „Кругозор“ magazine issues through the years.

Besides 4 tracks of solid deep and lo-fi influenced house music here you can find a brilliant example of how eclectic Interesnye Oschuscheniya can be. Just try „Eto Prosto Veter“ to enter the Jungle side of Minor Notes tastes.