Released back in 2018, “School Revolution” has since been recognised as the definitive introduction to VOB, their unique sound, and their positive messages based on their experience and observations. It brought the band to the attention of the music industry on a wider scale as it powerfully expressed their stance as a band that will not back down under threats of bullying, unfounded judgments, and injustice. It is a stance that they have managed to maintain even to this day.

On its fourth year of release, VOB have decided to commemorate the single that kickstarted their journey by re-release it in the form of different remixed versions. The band reached out to six renowned DJs and producers from around the globe – each with their own different style of music – to refashion the song. All six remixes will be compiled into one electrifying EP and released at the same time.

Including remixes from Timo Maas & Andre Winter, Hyper, Indra7, Winky Wiryawan & Evan Virgan, Sic Mynded and Feel Koplo.