HOMAGE has been at the forefront of electronic music in Brooklyn since its inception in 2017. Originally starting as an event series, the party was a nod to their predecessors in New York, those who pioneered a thriving nightlife scene in dynamic and intimate locations. Jump six years and HOMAGE is on its own path, having released a diverse selection of records from Kettama to Aldonna. Now the label readies its twenty-first release with a relatively new name, Sydney-based producer Half Cut, who over the course of seven tracks explores euphoric house, coiling electro, and jacking acid; tied together by a remix from Panorama Bar regular & Potency Records boss Cromby.

Speaking on the EP, the labels co-founder Ryan Clover says:

Kain sent us a pack of demos before the pandemic and they were all fantastic. He’s one of a few artists that have sent us a cold email and gotten signed immediately. Kain is half Japanese/half Australian and is based in Sydney, and he’s started to cut his teeth in the local circuit. While he’s a relative newcomer to the scene, his tunes have already seen support from Craig Richards, Gene on Earth, Cromby, Youandewan, Perdu, ANOTR, and Who is Arcadia, and in 2022 he had his first song signed to a VA for Limousine Dream (Nug-Net), Gene on Earth’s highly regarded label.

Half Cut has recently shared the first single from the EP titled ‚Floor Five‘ – a certified dance-floor filler, that brings smiles, energy and the type of sweaty hugs only those who have fallen in love on a dancefloor will know.