JVXTA is a DJ and producer based in London (UK). He also co-founded the label Hardmatter. The album is a collection of moods and textures, from woozy soundscapes like opener No One Needs to Know and Voyager, to grooving, dusty house tracks like Hold On, Water Temple and Lost in Place. Tracks develop from ambient textures into leftfield beat excursions (Beyond) and incorporate thoughtful samples such as the spoken word poetry in The Stolen Child. Elements of free improvisation and experimentation pepper the album, while a strong thread of atmospheric
cohesion winds its way through the eight tracks – making Euston Blues a truly rewarding and rich listening experience. „Euston Blues synthesises deep chords, classic house rhythms and jazz laden influences to chronicle an intimate journey of physical and psychological isolation.“ says Charles Field, the man behind the JVXTA project. „Scope is relative and this transposition is explored from the seclusion of a single room to the expanses of the Beyond“. Euston Blues is available as a four-track vinyl EP and full digital album from March, 24th on Scissor And Thread.

March, 24th, 2023
A1. Hold On
A2. The Stolen Child
B1. Water Temple
B2. Lost In Place
digital tracklisting:

  1. No One Needs To Know
  2. Hold On
  3. Water Temple
  4. Voyager
  5. Lost In Place
  6. Beyond
  7. The Stolen Child
  8. Euston Blues