Label Name: – RFR Records

Release Date: – Thursday, May 25 2023


Track Listing:

  1. Riddim & Bassline
  2. Sry I‘m Dazed AF
  3. True Brew
  4. Riddim & Bassline (DMX Krew Remix)

Record Sounds Like: Electro, House, Acid House, Miami Bass

„Riddim & Bassline“ are the main ingredients for the opener of his „Honey Badger EP“. A rumbling, buzzing and funk loaden predator digs his way into our ear canal.

„Sry I’m dazed AF“ – words we‘d sometimes like to address our supervisor with, especially after a serious weekend night out. A grating, distorted Miami Bass variant on a Deep House bouquet that lives up to his title.

„True Brew“ also starts wonderfully imperfect. Blustering beats and scruffy hi hats are being perfectly paired with a piano harmony. Bring us another two or twenty of this special drink!

Last but not least we got a remix by none other than DMX Krew, who provides a bubbly finish to „Riddim & Bassline“. There is not much left to say, cos if you got Ed DMX on your record, really everything has been said.

Artist Quote – „Vienna impact on RFR! PELETRONIC blesses us with his own unique blueprint of abstract house.“