Label Name: – Self Control Records

Release Date: – Friday, May 19 2023

Track Listing:

  1. Future Self – Where We’re Going (Sam T Harper Remix)
  2. Future Self – Where We’re Going (Original Mix)

Record Sounds Like: Like Artbat driving down the motorway in the sunset

Future Self’s „Where We’re Going“ on Self Control Records is releasing on Friday, May 19, 2023, this EP features two tracks, an original and a remix that showcase their unique melodic approach to music.

The EP’s title track, „Where We’re Going,“ is a unique blend of driving beats, catchy melodies, and emotive soundscape. The Sam T Harper remix offers a fresh take on the original, adding new layers of sound and energy to the track. With its soaring synths and pulsing rhythms, this remix is a must-listen.

„Where We’re Going“ offers a sound that is reminiscent of Artbat driving down the motorway in the sunset. Future Self’s approach to music blends, catchy synthwork, and bass to create a sound that is a mixture of old and new.