Label Name: – FORM1

Release Date: – Tuesday, May 9 2023

Track Listing:

  1. Wave Shaping
  2. Mod
  3. Def
  4. Static

Record Sounds Like: Techno – Raw Deep Hypnotic.

Following on from the last release Nabil Hayat returns with another EP titled Wave Shaping. This sees his approach to 4 new tracks that are slightly more edgier and incorporates a darker harder sound.

On point with the concept of this EP up first is the self titled track Wave Shaping which is deep, bass heavy and rich in texture with swirling sounds that move throughout the track. Short sharp percussion oscillates through untill the main melody enters and settles.
Followed by Mod which is an enchanting hypnotic late night groover that gets deep as the track progresses. With its loose drum programmed distorted kick drums, flanger based toms and resonated frequencies are sure to get you in the mood. Def is spirited towards peak time and sees the track rise and float through the early hours of the morning. With its high pitched modulated synths that morph along with the bell stab and metallic hi hats typical of any techno track. Lastly there is Static which incorporates pulsating basses a classic 909 drum machine workout which builds through with just the right kind of elements until the break down half way then takes the track and moves towards more centre focussed until it all opens up and again for a final time with elements blending out taking things to a close.