Movements push forward and pull backwards, prograde and retrograde, advance then recede. They begin to look within each progression an enmeshment into one another that the entire flagellation starts to blur and unify into a circular loop. On the latest EP for miv. (short for mémoire involontaire) ‘Wax & Wane’ sees label owner Bézier join forces with their partner Len.Leo who in 2022 made his first appearance on Bézier’s release for Dark Entries ‘Valencia’ as vocalist for the track ‘Reservoir’.

Staying true to their distinct musical stylings, Bézier opens the release with a disco-pop infused tune ‘Terrazza’. Soaring, sweeping synths rip curl from the sea laden on top of a school of bass lines snaring the listener into an emotional, prismatic spray to show us that moods refract in a kaleidoscope way but can still lattice around a delicate balance. ‘Night Bloom’ sees Len.Leo honing a particular sound carving out a world flourishing in the darkness with luminescent glow radiating from hidden bodies that appear at the right moment to light our pathways. Together, Len.Leo and Bèzier close the EP with ‘Wax & Wane’ as they merge impulses to create harmonic ebb and flow building, layering, terracing more landscapes of sound and accelerating bursts of pleasure-inducing euphoria amongst a backdrop of bright, vivid neon signs.

The end result of what Bézier and Len.Leo achieve here represents a pendulum swinging from concealment to revelation as they continue to showcase to each other and the world their progress as a musical pair in their shared home production studio nestled deep in the heart of Friedrichshain, Berlin. A space that invites constant rotation of ideas and progress sees the two scaffolding more tiers to their combined body of work that at the end will leave lasting impressions on the surface of the concrete walls that envelop them.

And last but not least, as the fourth connecting dot in a series of cover art to launch miv. back in 2021, the highly esteemed illustrator Benedikt Rugar, who has been featured in New York Times, Brand Eins magazine and a regular design contributor to local events crews like Cocktail d’Amore returns to provide an image fitting for the themes revealed by ‘Wax & Wane’.