EAT LIQUID is a commissioned work I, Annika Henderson, aka ANIKA composed for and performed at the Zeiss Planetarium, Berlin, in collaboration with their visuals team, who provided a suitably out of this world experience made up of fractals, maps to the stars and a birds-eye-view of Berlin.

The composition is inspired by Timothy Leary’s THE PSYCHEDELIC EXPERIENCE, exploring the question:

Can music be used to elevate the consciousness into psychedelic experiences? Written in the context of cold, endless, relentless Berlin Winter, the rattling uncertainty of war edging ever closer, we all seek escape in moments like this, through drugs, alcohol, sex and film. Can music take us to a place of bliss, safety, just for one moment and without the nasty side effects?

I hope to offer a journey into another realm, a safe place, a-top a dreamy soundscape of whining synths, siren calls, long-tailed guitar, all over the grid, to refind the centre of ourselves, a staycation, to unpick the stresses of modern life – a complete experiment with no sinister motives.