After teasing the album with its three compelling singles, Vexillary finally unleashes his third full-length effort, Horror in Dub. The compelling electronic outing seamlessly blends techno, dark wave, and dub-tinted bass music, to present a deep dive into the realm of eerie horror while maintaining haunting beauty.

The producer‘s transformative production style is on full display as the album skillfully weaves together the realistic experience of the human condition and the fantastical influences of body horror and Lovecraftian motifs. The latter being on full display, not only in the music but also in the cover art for the release and its preceding singles.

The vocals of returning guest Baylee and newcomer to Vexillary’s roster, Madishu, express themes of transformation, fragility of the human form, and cosmic terrors throughout the ten energetic songs of the album. Horror in Dub ultimately reminds us that even within the most harrowing experiences, there lies an irresistible beauty and attraction, as crystallized by the lyrics of the title track: “I found love in horror, and horror, horror in dub.”

Prepare to be immersed in an evocative journey as the ghosts of the past and the beats of the future collide, creating a surreal sonic experience. With its unparalleled production style and its ability to conjure a rich tapestry of emotions, Horror in Dub stands as a testament to Vexillary‘s creative vision and unique approach to electronic storytelling.