Label: Electronic Music Event-Records
Release code: EME005
Veröffentlichungsdatum: 29.02.2024

Dive into the pulsating realm of sound as EME-Records proudly introduces the electrifying Piece By Piece EP from Konstantin Gervis. This sonic storm, with each beat, delivers an EP with pulsating kicks, flaying percussions, and an entrancing atmosphere. The music is a journey through the raw and deep realms of techno, designed to set the dance floor into a hypnotic state. The EP consists of three bombastic tracks, each carefully crafted to ignite the senses and transport listeners to euphoric dimensions. From the pulsating rhythms of ‚Piece By Piece‘ to the adrenaline-fueled energy of ‚Ketamin Girl From Berlin‘, and the haunting melodies of ‚We Are The Leftovers‘, every track is a sonic adventure waiting to unfold.

The opening track on this EP is ‚Piece By Piece,‘ serving as the cornerstone of the entire release. This track embodies the very essence of the EP’s creation. Its honest and raw energy, coupled with powerful kicks, swiftly transport listeners into a trance-like state of euphoria. Panning sounds and rolling percussions are expertly integrated throughout the composition, enhancing the immersive experience and evoking a sense of spaciousness. As the track unfolds, its relentless momentum pulls listeners deeper into its hypnotic groove, captivating them with its unyielding intensity. ‚Piece By Piece‘ sets the tone for the EP, laying the groundwork for an exciting sonic journey that unfolds piece by piece.

‚Ketamin Girl From Berlin‘ is pumped up with a pulsating kick and arpeggiator melodies full of tension. Similar to the preceding track, it offers a wonderful play in the stereo field by dynamically moving the melody around, creating a captivating „sense of place“ effect or inducing a sensation of dizziness on the dance floor. As the track progresses, the tension builds, drawing listeners deeper into its hypnotic groove, setting the stage for an electrifying sonic journey that leaves them craving for more, and that’s why there is a third track.

The third and final track on this EP is ‚We Are The Leftovers,‘ which marks a departure from the tone set by the first two songs. While the initial tracks exude pure industrial-techno vibes, ‚We Are The Leftovers‘ delves deeper into the melodic side of techno, adding a layer of complexity and diversity to this edition. As such, it contributes to the eclectic nature of the EP, offering listeners a refreshing shift in sonic landscape. From the moment the track begins, it envelops you in a sonic environment reminiscent of a grand hall or cathedral. The reverberating soundscapes create a sense of vastness and depth, immersing listeners in an expansive auditory experience. A subtle shaking effect permeates the song, adding a dynamic energy that propels us forward, ensuring that we remain in motion throughout its duration. ‚We Are The Leftovers‘ is a testament to the versatility of Konstantin Gervis’s artistry, showcasing his ability to seamlessly blend different elements of techno to create a cohesive yet diverse collection of tracks. It serves as a captivating conclusion to the EP, leaving listeners with a lingering sense of awe and anticipation for what comes next. Konstantin Gervis, a true trained jazz musician, brings his improvisational prowess to the techno scene like no other. From his early electronic works in 1997 to the launch of Triangle Eyes in 2011, Gervis’s sound has evolved from primitive industrial electronica and synth punk to the hypnotic techno of under alias ZV_K. He captivates audiences with his unique style and live performances, pushing the boundaries of electronic music production.

Electronic Music Event Records invites aspiring music producers to submit demos or already available tracks that align with the style and vibe of the tracks featured on this release, whether through YouTube, SoundCloud, Beatport, or other platforms. Send your demo tracks to, preferably as a SoundCloud/Dropbox/WeTransfer private download or simply provide a link to your existing track. If your submission resonates, EME-Records will reach out to discuss the possibility of a collaboration and potential release together. The first five readers of this article who send us a quick hello to the email address above will receive a free download link to this EP.