Following a series of Indie dance hits alongside his sister Sitara and soulful collaborations with Anurag Choudhary as Non-Solo last year, Pawas joins these diverse talents for a riveting and fresh musical journey in „Take Control.“

The creative sibling duo Pawas and Sitara have been honing their musical prowess over time, with 2021 marking their official debut as a collective. On Take Control, Sitara’s playful yet profound lyricism effortlessly dances with Pawas‘ rhythmic grooves and Anurag’s melancholic flute melodies, culminating in a nostalgic masterpiece.

The track transcends the realm of a mere song; it’s a dreamy and heartfelt journey that strikes a chord on a personal level. The track’s emotive qualities touch upon universal themes, creating a sweet and relatable experience for anyone who listens.

Berlin-based artist and founding member of the avant-garde kraut-jazz band C.A.R., Johannes Klingebiel, takes the helm on remix duties. Klingebiel’s unique touch transforms the original track, offering different accessibility and unlocking doors to the infinite.

Label: Electromantica
Format: Digital
Genre: House / Breaks / Electronic