Label: Benthic
Format: Vinyl / Digital
Genre: Techno, Ambient Techno, Deep Techno
Release Date: April 25, 2024

As 2024 begins to flow onwards, what better way to accompany that than with the latest release from Oath sub-label Benthic, which comes courtesy of label heads Lucid Void, who bring a certain kind of never ending mood, feel and atmosphere to the table….

The Tbilisi based duo occupy a very intriguing in-between musical space, one which touches upon the expansive feel of big yet subtle techno flourishes, progressive and floating but with a hint of melody all at once. They are able to pull at the numerous threads that the genre has expanded into, bringing together motifs of the past and the present to create something very obviously future leaning. This hasn’t come about by mere circumstance, as the duo have spent a significant amount of time honing their craft, alongside having deep appreciations for their shared genre passions, all of which contribute to the quality and intrigue found within their music. Their previous records, which included efforts on Arts Gallery and the 2021 release ‘Assurance’, the debut record on Benthic, all point towards a mindedness of creating bold, beautiful and thought provoking music. Deep set rhythms, delicate wobbling bass lines, and soaring metallic melodies all morph together with gusto and purpose, functionally moving through the gears but with a definite human touch – a expert interplay between human and machine, feeling, evolving, graceful.

‘Inner’ represents their most involving and expansive release to date, and the record spares no expense when it comes to covering as much ground sonically as possible. If their previous releases helped to touch upon the cornerstones of the duo’s sound, then this release acts as a summarisation of all that has come before, bringing together their aims, ambitions and musical meanderings. The record draws upon multiple frequencies and spatial dimensions in order to achieve a collectivised sound that is both broad and dense in feel, feeling its way up the walls of the mind as much as it moves through the ceiling of the club. The biggest manner in which differentials are made is the inspired use of drumming patterns to help evoke certain kinds of energy, moving through a broad spectrum of atmospheres in line with some wonderful, expressive melodic expressionisms. ‘Quasar’, the opening cut, crafts a compelling yarn, with the hi hats forming a rock solid foundation for the swirling, waterfall like keys and pads which point to the stars and the infinite space that exists beyond them. ‘Escalate’ draws focus from the repeating bass note, a pulsating anchor that provides focus for the swirling tones that shift all around the peripheries and parameters of the track, encouraging the swells that linger long in the memory. ‘Transporter’ again leans into the focus on the bass note, with a particular 90s vibe being evoked here, further reinforced by the warm and thoughtful melodic notes.

The title track and ‘Signal’ both move the record into a chugger space, with the regular kicks on both numbers moving the energy into the heat of the mix. The feel is one of euphoric release, allowing the rhythm rather than the mind take things away into the heavens, and it works ever so well as a counter point to the involving, tonal pieces that came before. ‘Vision’ finishes things off, and this one swings its way into hearts and minds, shifting perspective from one side of the view to the next, feeding into the human spirit and embracing the possibilities of the unknown. A fitting end to a record that promises so much, and delivers on it all – a perfect encapsulation of Lucid Void’s vision, one which leaves a lasting impression.

Techno is alive and well, and it couldn’t be healthier than within the music of Lucid Void, who entice and delight listeners with their sublime take on the genre and its many offshoots. ’Inner’ is no exception, a record that doesn’t compromise or shy away from bold beautiful strokes – instead it embraces the swiftness of change, the promise found in the progressive, and the full range of emotions that people experience when engaging with melodic beauty. Moods, atmospheres and sonic environments abound within this record, pointing to many differing spaces and places, and Benthic couldn’t be prouder to feature their talents. So why not pop this one on, and drift, drift away – its quite the ride to the cosmos…..