Label: Pedro’s House
Cat: PEDRO002
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Genre: House
Release Date: 15th June 2024

Last year saw the release of portuguese electronic folk odyssey Soprem Bons Ventos on Soundway Records – this year Pedro brings it home to house. Pedro’s House 002 is a hot and heartfelt ode to the hi-tech jazz universe, and the solar winds are blowing with a force. See you on the dancefloor space cowboy…


Known in Porto for taking risks with the records, Pedro’s artistry is one defined by fusion. As DJ, he relies on a strong, organic groove, bringing a sense of freedom and intensity to the dancefloor, driven by Jazz hand in hand with a House and Techno that never takes off from its soulful tradition. As producer, his releases over the years on labels such as Extended Records, 1980Lyfers, Wolf Music and his own Pedro’s House reveal an expansive and ever-shifting approach to dance music rooted in folk and melody. As musician, building on his debut album Soprem Bons Ventos (2023, Soundway Records), Pedro continues to meld genre, time and space in his ongoing projects, including live film scoring and performing with the Pedro Ricardo Trio.