Winners of the Berlin Music Video Awards 2024, interviewed right after their glory moment: this is what they had to say.

Debut project wins the Berlin Music Video Awards:

The 2024 Berlin Music Video Awards were a groundbreaking event, setting a new precedent in the festival’s history. For the first time, the winner of the Best Song category, Gennre, also secured the grand title of Best Music Video. This remarkable achievement earned Gennre the prestigious gold trophy and a prize of 6,000 Euros. Adding to the historic nature of the win, this marked the first time that the grand winner’s song and video were both debut creations. Gennre’s exceptional talent signals a bright future, with endless possibilities ahead for the artist and their team. The song itself is a standout piece, with a chorus so powerful it promises to give listeners goosebumps—if it doesn’t, a visit to the doctor might be in order.

Watch the interview:

…and the the winning music video:

Interview by Sebastian Sheath and Yannick Solandt @unsignedberlin.

Ana Vardi’s Triumph at the BMVAs: Her Personal Take on Romantic Fantasy

Unsigned Berlin (podcast) had the opportunity to interview the talented directress Ana Vardi at the Berlin Music Video Awards. Ana clinched the Best Low Budget category with the video “See me 4 the first time” by aLex vs aLex, a category renowned for its challenging nature, rewarding directors who showcase exceptional creativity within limited means.

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This video offers a modern interpretation of the classic romantic fantasy, capturing the moment of catching a lover’s eye for the first time on a commuter train (as long as it’s not on Berlin-Neukölln’s U8 line). The BMVA jury was left feeling both giddy and anxious, impressed by the phenomenal color grading, creative editing, and outstanding performance—all achieved on a small budget. This combination of elements made „See me 4 the first time“ a deserving winner of the Best Low Budget award. It’s no surprise that the BMVAs honored this video with a trophy this year!

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Interview with Joel Hördegård: DOP and Director Behind The Hives‘ Award-Winning „Bogus Operandi“

Sebastian Sheath and Yanick Solandt from Unsigned Berlin (podcast) had the privilege of interviewing the talented Director of Photography and Director Joel Hördegård at the Berlin Music Video Awards. Joel secured the Most Bizarre category with his captivating work on „Bogus Operandi,“ the music video for The Hives.

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„Bogus Operandi“ is a video that stays with you. The Hives‘ latest music video combines a great song, a compelling story, gore, suspense, humor, and even attempted murder. The song itself is an earworm, and the visuals are unforgettable. Congratulations to The Hives and the team behind this video for winning the Most Bizarre category this year!

Aviel Silook, founder and producer of the BMVAs, remarked, “Just when we thought we were done with bloody videos, Joel Hördegård reminded us why we love them. He has elevated the bizarre and horror music video genre to a new level, perfectly balancing horror with original cinematography. In 2022, he took second place in our ‚Best Cinematography‘ category (MARTIN GARRIX FT. TOVE LO — PRESSURE), but this year, he claimed first place with ‚The Hives – Bogus Operandi.'“

Watch the full music video here:

The Berlin Music Video Awards wave their doors open again already. For a chance to take part in this unique festival, among the world leading organisations in the scene of music videos, you can already go ahead and give in your submission:

No private agenda, no influencing sponsors: anything can happen. With an international eye on its developments, the BMVA move towards next year’s edition.