Berlin Noise Festival @ Jugend[widerstands]museum

03sep19:0022:30Berlin Noise Festival @ Jugend[widerstands]museum

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Rigaer Str. 9, 10247, Berlin

Aaditya Nandwana IN
BR Laser AT
Maarten Vos NL/DE

For the opening of the Berlin Noise Festival we present 3 artistic sound shapers. The great musicians Aditya Nandwana (ID), BR-Laser (AT) and Maarten Vos (NL/DE). The church will give us the space and acoustic to present overwelling sound scapces.

Aditya is the founder and proprietor of Animal Factory Amplification in Mumbai, India. His work developing often-extreme distortion and saturation effects in pedal and Eurorack formats informs his infrequent performances. For Noise Festival, Aditya will put away his trusty drum machine to work within the confines of his rack system, with a focus on syncopated dissonance and textures.

Bernhard Rasinger aka BR-Laser is the guru to make the impossible happening with a laser-shows. He presented his work all around the globe and now pays Berlin a visit. He uses a special system that combines a modular synthesiser and state-of-the-art laser technology to create a luminously hypnotic audiovisual experience.

Maarten Vos
Maarten Vos is a Dutch cellist, composer and producer based in Berlin and Utrecht. During his musical development Vos explored besides traditional classical music a big interest in minimalists, contemporary and experimental music. A minimalistic meditative trance performance moving between different microtonal modes improvising on the Buchla Music Easel and Haken Continuüm.

Part of the Noise Festival

10.9 Jessica Kert | su dance 110 | Kathrin Lambert
17.9 The Allegorist | Francisca Marques | Jeannette Petrik | Dewi Barend Fashion performance

Why Noise? This is a key factor that we can not imagine not having in our surroundings. During this three weeks we have a bunch of workshops. That will have an introductionary sound or hardware topics or a deep dives that will develop you a new set of skillS.


(Saturday) 19:00 - 22:30